There is no direction, no time

All that we think real is not any more

The true self is in Kailash

I have been Kailash all the while

Just that when I saw it,

I knew I was in Kailash, I am only the projection

Neither do I understand who the projector is

Nor do I know how

All I know is the ultimate what I am is in Kailash

My Guru is one in there,

I am only seeing everything here is because it is there

Kailash is in everyone, everyone is Kailash and the Kailash itself is the cosmos

And all that is projected is what I thought was real

When everything projects on any surface it takes various distorted forms

When everything is stable and everything is still, I see me there.

I have only one reality or one truth of my existence

Or is that again a game in the cosmos to deny me of my truth!


Even if it was my imagination or wrong perception

I can enjoy being ignorant of the fact

Because all that my Guru says could really be the way it is and not otherwise

Only if what perception Kailash imprinted on me when we met is the way it is

If my Guru has to be true, this perception is true

Because all that is a perception is also projected from Kailash


Sofia Joghee

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Shri Vaibhava Lakshmi Pooja

During October 2010, I started the Vaibhava Lakshmi pooja for the first time in my life. My husband was abroad and I was in India that time, but we had no options at that time. I somehow felt like doing this because I had lot of time at home as well. However, I remember reading somewhere that we should have an objective to see the actual effect of the pooja. Of course, without a target, how could one assess the progress? For that reason, I thought of requesting for uniting with my husband soon and lead our life together peacefully.

I haven’t done any such pooja till then, so the processes to be followed in detail were a challenge. To start with, I went in search of documents over net, but found quite a bit to do, and some had their ways of prayers. It is always good to start from the point when someone gives you a Prasad of Vaibhava Lakshmi pooja by sharing their happiness of success in the pooja, where the process is also described. But I wasn’t fortunate to have participated in such an event. So, I started on my own, taking this orders given directly by Goddess herself, else why should even have the feel to do this.

This pooja has to be done for 11 or 21 weeks every Friday. I choose to do for 11 weeks. To my surprise, I found something working towards the objective in 2 weeks time of the start of the pooja. I had to travel to Singapore (that’s where my husband was), to write an exam, because I had no other centers available anywhere in south India (Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad anywhere). So, there was a progress, but the hurdle was that, my stay there included 2 Fridays, and I had to carry my pooja stuff along with me there and made sure I didn’t miss the pooja. That is the challenge of this pooja you see; once things work towards the objective, people sometimes tend to stop the remaining weeks, may be because they won’t find time for it and some challenges do come on our way like a hurdles. We need to be very strong to complete the set of 11 or 21 weeks to show our sincerity.

After completion of the pooja, I called our neighbors to come home on the completion pooja to give away Prasadam. In a week’s time, I got a job call from Singapore without even me applying for it. I wasn’t hoping much on the selection, because generally residents are preferred for jobs in any country. I decided to resign my job and go to Singapore with my husband even before he confirmed he was ready with a house and safe situation of current job status. However, my situation compelled me to go for it. After I went there, I got this job confirmed. My husband’s company crashed and mot of layoff took place. Just when he lost his job, I got this new one. So, I thank Sri Maha Lakshmi to have chosen the right time to get things done for me, which otherwise would have been a bad situation to decide on other things.

This pooja has really made a difference in my life. In the crisis situation, we underwent lot of pains with our housing. There was a day in 3rd May 2011, when we stood homeless, practically on roads with no one around to help. We had no enough money, since our salary was due to settlement. Hotels were too expensive for us for next 10 days till month end, when some houses would come in market for rental. But then thought over, we realize it was the situation given by Goddess herself, so that we realize the importance of owning a house. We are now in October 2011, buying a house in a prime location, well within our budget in this situation of crisis. This house just came by and if we think over, the house was the one which chose us.

All good and Bad events are same, just because we don’t have the ability to see farther, we tend to fuss on many happening.

Everything that is happening is happening by the grace of the great Goddess of the universe (Akilanda Parameshwari, Bhuvaneshwari, Sri Maha Lakshmi).

I shall share the process I followed for this pooja in my next post.

Please check my next post on Procedures in Sri Vaibhava Lakshmi Pooja.


Dasara and Dasa Mahavidya: Goal Of Our Birth

Today is Vijaya Dasami, the last day of navarathri pooja. I had been wondering since my childhood, why is dasara celebrated over and over, when the demon was killed long ago. Every festival is in memory of something that had happened in the past. This includes our birthday celebration as well. Why should one remember once past and celebrate?

Is it just to say that I am happy about this past event or is there anything new that I gain every year of completion?

Celebrating birthday for example, interested me as a child because I had a chance to wear color dress to school (what a relief from the regular blue and white uniform), was the point of attraction for that day, because my friends come asking for chocolates to me, and I get to show off much on what I had J. But it is generally not much of importance to the elders unless that is an occasion created to catch up with old friends or make some good business contacts with huge parties.

What is the importance of celebrating such past events, which are considered to be mythical stories which we believe, might be true. Same is the case with Karthigai Deepam, or any other festivals. And Hindus have so many to remember…can’t list one after the other in this small space. Every day ends up being a memorable day. Then when is the time to live the present?

While I was thinking through all these, I realized a correlation between the this Dasahara (so called dasara), is to kill all the symptoms of demons within us over the 9 days of prayer, acknowledge our ignorance of who we are and what is our goal on earth and build the knowledge from the basics to inherit the dasa mahavidya and get an initiation to start practicing the same from the last day of navarathri (Vijaya Dasami), when the Vijaya (victory) praptham (achievement) on the progress towards Brahma Vidhya. We let the goddess’s divine nectar flow through us to enlighten us towards the Bhrama Vidhya.

I have learnt through various resources and gurus that our physical existence has a subtle existence in a different plane, which is the mirror image or the replica of our physical presence. This can be realized when one dreams or sleeps. Certain concepts are hard to imagine, or may be my definition is not effective to understand, but for people who have had a taste of it, will know what that meant.

The mythical stories (be it was true or not), is meant to show us that every individual during his lifetime inculcates certain negative energies from his environment and from his karmas(actions). We may not be aware of what level of such demon characteristics are there within us. To lead our path towards the demon or the good is our choice. I don’t want to say demon and God, because, both aspects of good and bad are the creation of the almightily God. Unless the negative exists, there is no positive. The more one urges to kill the negative, the positive also dies, we converge to nirvana (the zero, or the unity of ying yang, or shiva shakti, or the time and space). This is the concept embedded in Sri chakra, or Mandala, or the Kabbalah system (tree of life).

Such could be the reason, to demolish the demon existing in oneself; these festivals have to be used to improve our spiritual understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

The birthdays by the way J, if not for the any of the above mentioned reasons, could be celebrated, to pay due respects to our parents who were the cause of our birth, giving us(our souls) another opportunity to realize using the gifted physical body.

Hope this post helps us improve our perception on pooja and help us understand each process and celebration and our goal of birth. Whether we know or not, every human is going through his goal of birth, but making a conscious effort will benefit a long way to be a better social as well as spiritual being.


Sri Vidya

 Among the Hindu culture, Shri Chakra is the most sacred and considered to be the representation of Goddess herself. In my past, I have seen people hang the Shri yantra photo framed in their house even without knowing the actual benefits but just out of belief that it brings good luck and auspicious to have it at home. So people buy to hang on the wall or place in their pooja room.

 No offences, because not all are aware of how to do the specific prayers to the Shri yantra. Some of these yantra are not even alive (no pranaprathishta done to it). Such are said to be of no benefit. To get this done, one has to reach to someone who is professed this technique.

 Learning Sri Vidya had always been a secret lineage education among specific Kulas (groups of people). In spite of a lot of revolutions on caste and races, this education is not very open like a general education of any other knowledge base. At the most, this system had been taught in person to a dedicated disciple, when the Guru (Teacher) feels that his disciple is ready for it. So, it has not been a common knowledge. Since this education needs a diksha to be given by Guru directly to effectively use this education, many haven’t learnt due to unavailability of proper Gurus or not knowing who to go to ask for such sources.

 Nevertheless, this education is mandatory for each and every human being on the earth. Unless one seeks, it is usually not at reach. At this pace of world, where it is difficult to reach for a proper Guru to learn this, a few Gurus have come forward to reach out to students who seek to know the knower. Knowing that the internet is a major source for seeking knowledge these days, and the advancement in communication technology, it just seems that the time is just right for spreading this sacred knowledge to anyone who is in search of it.  There are quite some resource on use of the yantra, how to do pooja and so on. But, how to get Shri Chakra invoked within human chakra and how to get the direct Guru’s guidance to learn this Vidya, has not been precise in many sources.

 One such Guru who has come forward to educate the essence of Sri Vidhya over the internet for free for the benefit of the mankind, is honorably a great step forward.

 Yes, I am talking about http://www.devipuram.com/


Seeking the Seeker Via Bhakthi yoga and Kriya Yoga

Statement A : God is all around.

Statement B : God is Love.

Statement C : There is search for God everywhere

if A exists and B exists,

then, C is false.

else C is true.

end if

Isn’t it strange that we search for God though we have heard that God exists everywhere. There should be something wrong with either the search or with the statements. Each one of us is knowingly or unknowingly aware of existence of God even if one pretends or debates that God doesn’t exists.

At any point of time, a person born on earth can’t live without loving someone be it love for mother, father, child, lover, wife, grandchild or anyone. There comes God in his action, when a pure heart is awake. When one is fast asleep, unknowingly, he is happy encountering nothing at all in materialistic world. thats when one feels God.

The definition for god could be different for someone who doesn’t believe in God. Because only an external search is always a void. Search within has an existance parallel to outside where one can’t reach physically. So, using once Psych to realize the unknown is just faster.

Kailash Hangover

Its been 8 days I am back from Kailash Sojourn. When I am keying in the days, I realized its 8 days. I really thought it was 2 days ago. I am still not out of the the mood. Anything about Kailash, I am on it. Any news is too good for me to keep in a drunken state. That’s what The mountain has done to me.

I am drunk without a drink…

I am unable to really compose on what happened there. The logical mind is still wondering while I am still boozed. Its such a nice feeling.

Manasarovar was an experience of vivid things and Kailash was a silent storm.

Was Linga Bhiravi born out of these waters Is the true Kailash inside the lake, What I see is it really there or something as  simple as sample.

Why should the lakes one beside the other; The Manasarovar (fresh water) and Rakshatal (Salt lake) behave so drastically different for the almost the same climate.

What makes all these behave the way they do. Why does human intelligence try to grasp what is not in its capacity? Unable to accept the defeat of ignorance. Shouldn’t that be a fuel to crave my seeking?

Shambho! I have drunk you…Never knew intoxicating could be this blissful.

I know there are many things around me which I have to live with yet they seem neither too important nor meager.

Look at the way Maya has taken over to create wonderful things out of the most potent and subtle Shambho. Are they still one and the same or more more to know.

I have felt there was another Kailash within it. All have a Kailash within each of us. I really don’t know how to articulate. But yes, its confusing and fascinating.




Recipe for Aloe / Honey Treatment against Cancer

Please note that Father Zago gives several variations and many more important details and precautions to observe in the preparation and use of the aloe syrup in his book “Cancer can be cured” as well as in the follow-up volume “Aloe Isn’t Medicine, and Yet . . . It Cures”. The following is just a general outline (but those who cannot get ahold of the book can rest assured that good results have been obtained with varying ways of preparation).


  1. A) 300 grams of fresh Aloe arborescens leaves, to be plucked in the dark[1]
  2. B) 500 grams of pure bee honey[2]
  3. C) 4 – 5 tablespoons of rum, whisky, grappa or similar alcohol (cañazo, aguardiente)


1 Wash the Aloe leaf (or leaves) and remove the thorns/spines. Cut into pieces.
2 Put the Aloe pieces, the honey and whisky (or rum etc.) in a blender.
3 Whisky for 2 to 3 minutes.

You will obtain a greenish syrup. The amount of syrup obtained from the above quantities of the three elements constitutes one batch. Keep the syrup refrigerated and in the dark.


Before drinking the syrup, shake the bottle to thoroughly mix the components.
Take one (or two) tablespoon full of this syrup three times a day: mornings, noon and night, 1/2 hour before meals (you may wish to start with one tablespoon in your first “round”).
The above preparation can last ten days and longer.
Don’t stop taking the syrup until your first batch is totally used up (even if you get what seem to be signs of improvement)..

Medical Checkup

It’s very important to do medical tests to ascertain the progress (or lack thereof) of the above treatment concerning the disease.
It is specifically necessary to check before, during and after the treatment to know if the cancer still progresses, has been stabilized, diminishes, or has actually left. Only the results of such controls can determine the true state of the cancer, not the subjective feeling of improvement that might be felt by the cancer patient.[3]


In fact, it is commonly observed that this treatment quickly induces a sensation of well-being and improvement in the sick person. But those feelings don’t constitute proof that the cancer is truly cured. It is dangerous to let oneself be guided by any such sensations.

Duration of the Treatment

As mentioned, medical monitoring is very important. If the first “round of treatment” does not work to satisfaction, the patient must do checkups to determine where s/he is at and whether s/he must do a second (or third) round.

It would be ideal to make an initial analysis of the “extent” of cancer present before beginning the treatment, and another analysis after each batch has been taken.


When taking several batches in a row, it is necessary to keep an interval of TEN DAYS between the taking of one unit and the following due to the aloe plant being very mildly toxic (as are many plants humans ingest).

With these intervals of ten days, repeated ingestion of batches will do no harm. For this reason, in case the recommended medical tests cannot be done, one is in no danger (and has no reason to be fearful) when repeating the treatment (even when unnecessary), as long as the ten-day “syrup-free” interval is respected.
As mentioned, this may be used simultaneously with conventional treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation.

Update: In his books, Father Zago reports on people who take the syrup every day without interruption, apparently without any damage to their health.

After a round of treatment (or batch of aloe/honey syrup) has been completed, one of several scenarios may apply.

In addition to a complete cure, these possibilities are addressed in Father Zago’s book.

The food you eat and avoid is of vital importance

Avoid :
meat, dairy products, refined sugar, artificial colouring, chemicals, sweeteners, white flour, etc.

Eat plenty of healthy organic foods :
broccoli, sprouts, cauliflower, kale, garlic, beans, blueberries, onions, ginger, spirulina, chlorella, fresh fruits, etc.

Compare Nutrition & cancer.

Aloe testimonials and “success statistics”

The above-mentioned numerous cancer success stories have been assembled by Father Romano in his book Cancer Can Be Cured. Several additional healing testimonials – lung cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, leukemia (all of them so-called terminal) – can be read here.

In a lecture held in Odivelas, Portugal[4], Father Romano Zago offered these additional insights regarding the likelihood of success with the aloe & honey treatment. Based upon the cancer cures already witnessed, he drew the following tentative conclusions:

  • Liver cancer is easy to cure.
  • Prostate cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer and leukemia are relatively easy to cure.
  • Brain cancer, throat cancer, stomach cancer, intestinal cancer and cancer of the anus: numerous verified cures.
  • Lung cancer: this type of malignancy requires longer treatment to achieve a cure.
  • Lymphoma: while of all types of cancer, this malignancy has proven the most difficult to cure, there are cases that have been healed.
  • Other illnesses healed by the aloe & honey treatment include skin diseases, rheumatism, arthritis, ulcers and more.

Aloe honey syrup for preventative purposes

Lastly, you can take a batch of the aloe/honey syrup even when you don’t have any symptom of cancer, simply for PREVENTION, once a year, since the mix is a powerful detoxifier. In fact, Father Romano Zago virtually implores his readers to use the recipe for preventative purposes – and not just for cancer but any kind of health issue.

Compare Aloe Vera – The Medicine Plant for background on aloe vera and tips on how to grow aloe yourself.

Note to cancer patients following the Budwig protocol

While the above aloe formula shows high antioxidant activity, it should be well compatible with the Budwig diet approach due to the fact that the antioxidants don’t occur here in isolated form but are taken as part of the entire plant (compare Budwig FAQ: Can supplemental antioxidants interfere with the Budwig protocol?).