Sri Vidya

 Among the Hindu culture, Shri Chakra is the most sacred and considered to be the representation of Goddess herself. In my past, I have seen people hang the Shri yantra photo framed in their house even without knowing the actual benefits but just out of belief that it brings good luck and auspicious to have it at home. So people buy to hang on the wall or place in their pooja room.

 No offences, because not all are aware of how to do the specific prayers to the Shri yantra. Some of these yantra are not even alive (no pranaprathishta done to it). Such are said to be of no benefit. To get this done, one has to reach to someone who is professed this technique.

 Learning Sri Vidya had always been a secret lineage education among specific Kulas (groups of people). In spite of a lot of revolutions on caste and races, this education is not very open like a general education of any other knowledge base. At the most, this system had been taught in person to a dedicated disciple, when the Guru (Teacher) feels that his disciple is ready for it. So, it has not been a common knowledge. Since this education needs a diksha to be given by Guru directly to effectively use this education, many haven’t learnt due to unavailability of proper Gurus or not knowing who to go to ask for such sources.

 Nevertheless, this education is mandatory for each and every human being on the earth. Unless one seeks, it is usually not at reach. At this pace of world, where it is difficult to reach for a proper Guru to learn this, a few Gurus have come forward to reach out to students who seek to know the knower. Knowing that the internet is a major source for seeking knowledge these days, and the advancement in communication technology, it just seems that the time is just right for spreading this sacred knowledge to anyone who is in search of it.  There are quite some resource on use of the yantra, how to do pooja and so on. But, how to get Shri Chakra invoked within human chakra and how to get the direct Guru’s guidance to learn this Vidya, has not been precise in many sources.

 One such Guru who has come forward to educate the essence of Sri Vidhya over the internet for free for the benefit of the mankind, is honorably a great step forward.

 Yes, I am talking about


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