Welcome to my Website to discuss on various topics of interests.

I currently work for a liner company managing projects, to suffice my living.

I have a lot of quest to know beyond what our eyes and mind can see and perceive.

Thus I got interested in spiritual studies.

I would like to share my experiences and path that is leading me in progress and my currently learning to-do-list and so on.

Sharing helps us grow together.

4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. good one.. but keep bloggin as well 😛 .. the last one was written somewhere around oct 😛

  2. Hey Hi, I have read your post on Shri Vaibhava Lakshmi Pooja, have done miracles for you.

    Even I have situation my finance is jobless since 6 months and gave 7 to 8 interviews in a months time and surprising non materialized and he’s so upset and disappointed as this never happened in his 5years for career even I am worried and tensed about this. And due to this our marriage is postponing. Can I do this pooja for his problems before marriage for his success.

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