Shri Vaibhava Lakshmi Pooja

During October 2010, I started the Vaibhava Lakshmi pooja for the first time in my life. My husband was abroad and I was in India that time, but we had no options at that time. I somehow felt like doing this because I had lot of time at home as well. However, I remember reading somewhere that we should have an objective to see the actual effect of the pooja. Of course, without a target, how could one assess the progress? For that reason, I thought of requesting for uniting with my husband soon and lead our life together peacefully.

I haven’t done any such pooja till then, so the processes to be followed in detail were a challenge. To start with, I went in search of documents over net, but found quite a bit to do, and some had their ways of prayers. It is always good to start from the point when someone gives you a Prasad of Vaibhava Lakshmi pooja by sharing their happiness of success in the pooja, where the process is also described. But I wasn’t fortunate to have participated in such an event. So, I started on my own, taking this orders given directly by Goddess herself, else why should even have the feel to do this.

This pooja has to be done for 11 or 21 weeks every Friday. I choose to do for 11 weeks. To my surprise, I found something working towards the objective in 2 weeks time of the start of the pooja. I had to travel to Singapore (that’s where my husband was), to write an exam, because I had no other centers available anywhere in south India (Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad anywhere). So, there was a progress, but the hurdle was that, my stay there included 2 Fridays, and I had to carry my pooja stuff along with me there and made sure I didn’t miss the pooja. That is the challenge of this pooja you see; once things work towards the objective, people sometimes tend to stop the remaining weeks, may be because they won’t find time for it and some challenges do come on our way like a hurdles. We need to be very strong to complete the set of 11 or 21 weeks to show our sincerity.

After completion of the pooja, I called our neighbors to come home on the completion pooja to give away Prasadam. In a week’s time, I got a job call from Singapore without even me applying for it. I wasn’t hoping much on the selection, because generally residents are preferred for jobs in any country. I decided to resign my job and go to Singapore with my husband even before he confirmed he was ready with a house and safe situation of current job status. However, my situation compelled me to go for it. After I went there, I got this job confirmed. My husband’s company crashed and mot of layoff took place. Just when he lost his job, I got this new one. So, I thank Sri Maha Lakshmi to have chosen the right time to get things done for me, which otherwise would have been a bad situation to decide on other things.

This pooja has really made a difference in my life. In the crisis situation, we underwent lot of pains with our housing. There was a day in 3rd May 2011, when we stood homeless, practically on roads with no one around to help. We had no enough money, since our salary was due to settlement. Hotels were too expensive for us for next 10 days till month end, when some houses would come in market for rental. But then thought over, we realize it was the situation given by Goddess herself, so that we realize the importance of owning a house. We are now in October 2011, buying a house in a prime location, well within our budget in this situation of crisis. This house just came by and if we think over, the house was the one which chose us.

All good and Bad events are same, just because we don’t have the ability to see farther, we tend to fuss on many happening.

Everything that is happening is happening by the grace of the great Goddess of the universe (Akilanda Parameshwari, Bhuvaneshwari, Sri Maha Lakshmi).

I shall share the process I followed for this pooja in my next post.

Please check my next post on Procedures in Sri Vaibhava Lakshmi Pooja.


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