Kailash Hangover

Its been 8 days I am back from Kailash Sojourn. When I am keying in the days, I realized its 8 days. I really thought it was 2 days ago. I am still not out of the the mood. Anything about Kailash, I am on it. Any news is too good for me to keep in a drunken state. That’s what The mountain has done to me.

I am drunk without a drink…

I am unable to really compose on what happened there. The logical mind is still wondering while I am still boozed. Its such a nice feeling.

Manasarovar was an experience of vivid things and Kailash was a silent storm.

Was Linga Bhiravi born out of these waters Is the true Kailash inside the lake, What I see is it really there or something as  simple as sample.

Why should the lakes one beside the other; The Manasarovar (fresh water) and Rakshatal (Salt lake) behave so drastically different for the almost the same climate.

What makes all these behave the way they do. Why does human intelligence try to grasp what is not in its capacity? Unable to accept the defeat of ignorance. Shouldn’t that be a fuel to crave my seeking?

Shambho! I have drunk you…Never knew intoxicating could be this blissful.

I know there are many things around me which I have to live with yet they seem neither too important nor meager.

Look at the way Maya has taken over to create wonderful things out of the most potent and subtle Shambho. Are they still one and the same or more more to know.

I have felt there was another Kailash within it. All have a Kailash within each of us. I really don’t know how to articulate. But yes, its confusing and fascinating.





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