Bhakthi yoga and Kriya Yoga

Statement A : God is all around.

Statement B : God is Love.

Statement C : There is search for God everywhere

if A exists and B exists,

then, C is false.

else C is true.

end if

Isn’t it strange that we search for God though we have heard that God exists everywhere. There should be something wrong with either the search or with the statements. Each one of us is knowingly or unknowingly aware of existence of God even if one pretends or debates that God doesn’t exists.

At any point of time, a person born on earth can’t live without loving someone be it love for mother, father, child, lover, wife, grandchild or anyone. There comes God in his action, when a pure heart is awake. When one is fast asleep, unknowingly, he is happy encountering nothing at all in materialistic world. thats when one feels God.

The definition for god could be different for someone who doesn’t believe in God. Because only an external search is always a void. Search within has an existance parallel to outside where one can’t reach physically. So, using once Psych to realize the unknown is just faster.