There is no direction, no time

All that we think real is not any more

The true self is in Kailash

I have been Kailash all the while

Just that when I saw it,

I knew I was in Kailash, I am only the projection

Neither do I understand who the projector is

Nor do I know how

All I know is the ultimate what I am is in Kailash

My Guru is one in there,

I am only seeing everything here is because it is there

Kailash is in everyone, everyone is Kailash and the Kailash itself is the cosmos

And all that is projected is what I thought was real

When everything projects on any surface it takes various distorted forms

When everything is stable and everything is still, I see me there.

I have only one reality or one truth of my existence

Or is that again a game in the cosmos to deny me of my truth!


Even if it was my imagination or wrong perception

I can enjoy being ignorant of the fact

Because all that my Guru says could really be the way it is and not otherwise

Only if what perception Kailash imprinted on me when we met is the way it is

If my Guru has to be true, this perception is true

Because all that is a perception is also projected from Kailash


Sofia Joghee

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