Energy centres in body based on Stages of Moon

I picked this information somewhere I don’t remember now. Movement of prana energy from toe to head and back from head to toe is marked with the phase of moon. Energy level is greatest in these points on days mapped base on distance from moon in given below.
I Moon day – Piradhamai – Great toe
II Moon day – Thuthiyai – Sole of the foot
III Moon day – Thirithigai – Knee joint
IV Moon day – Chathurthi – Thigh
V Moon day – Panchami – Generative organs
VI Moon day – Shasti – Umbilical region
VII Moon day – Sapthami – Breast
VIII Moon day – Ashtami – Hands
IX Moon day- Navami – Neck
X Moon day – Dhasami – Female generative organ
XI Moon day – Ekathasi – Tongue
XII Moon day- Thuvathasi – Fore head
XIII Moon day – Thirayothasi – Eye lids
XIV Moon day – Chathurthasi – Nape
XV Full moon Asy-Pooranam – Head
This process reverses as the moon starts to diminish.

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