Knowing purpose of life: Easy Access Low respect ?

Every human is in search of something. Generally seen is that search for something is motivating till it is found.

Fortunate few get good food, cloth and education in their early childhood, even though they were aware of what these are meant for. After they grow up, they crew on the existing system and chose to work on what the flow took them towards.

Some have motivation to pursue something during their lifetime, and well seen is that situations had drawn them to their destiny. These are the lucky few. Good Karmas as our ancestors have said.

But some others have motivation, but no guidance, searching for someone who would take them towards their goal will be their short term goal. On top of that, they have to stick to the so called flow of life that they are drifted along.

However, failures after a long search to get some clue, this becomes their long term goal by practice. What can happen in such occasions is that, this person never gets satisified with whatever he encounters. May be he thinks there is somehting else he is searhing for even if he encountered the right thing. This is purely demotivating.

The respect for a result is appreciative, when it is received at the right time, just before someone looses the line of trust. Even if he gets before he realized, the stuff is not valued to the limit it had to be.

Interpretation of different people varies at different level, but eternal truth should in my opinion be as simple to be understood by a baby to the Oldest folks, and should be same at the level of understanding.

Now, what are we searching? We are searching for something that we already have since the time we were born, had lived all along with us even to make us question so that we realize it, and unfortunately forgo after it had given enough chances. The soul departs your body yet to give another chance in another body.


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