Human Quest for Knowledge – Is It Necessary?

“Of what use in all earth gained whilst your soul is lost in the process.”
– The Prophetic Dictum of Alexander The Great

Thinking of this quote, this is perfectly true for the current world. We humans have expressed so many quests to know about the outside world by invading into nature’s complex structures. We have so much of interest to conquer our outer space but in the due course, we miss our inner realms of nature.Our great Siddha Agasthiyar and other Siddhars realized and wrote about Andam Pindam Theory, quoting in Tamil,


“Andathil ullathe pindam, pindathil ullathe Andam,
andamum Pindamum ondre, arinthu thaan parkum poothey.”


This means, what is there in the external cosmos existing within this body and the vice versa, both are one and the same when one realizes Thy self. Our body is a miniature cosmos all that is content in the universe/cosmos is contained in it as well.

Modern nations have shown growth by trying to understand the complexities of the nature, not by understanding them, but more invasive hence destroying ecological balance. There are introduction of new pests, diseases, destructive weapons and many other organisms in the name of research and development. Are these really necessary to go through what was already understood and revealed by our ancestors? It is only human ego to prove their superiority over other nations that invests on testing the external entities so much that the common man on the other hand is suffering from poverty and diseases are becoming less significant.

Our older generation went ahead with knowing what is within, thus revealing higher truth without being invasive and destructive to nature. Our body being a miniature of the cosmos can hence be investigated in the same way as we do to the external entities. To do that, one should realize oneself.

The true meaning of Yoga comes here. Yoga doesn’t mean only physical demonstrations of poses to show physical fitness. The purpose of this type of yoga known as Hatha yoga was developed by the Yogis to make sure their long time sitting posture in meditation needed some sort of balance and flexibility in the physical body at the same time was in sync with their daily routine to achieve a calm mind.

Hence only Hatha yoga (or Physical exercises) will not help; in contrast they are destructive in consuming our life span to live healthy but short. A combination of Hatha yoga with the science of breath (Prana Yoga) is what the world needs now. For such a benefit, we impart some education on this in our organization. Contact us for more information.


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