Modern Medicine and Spiritual Healing

Our universal energy is called the prana shakthi or the Qi or the Ki energy. The ultimate God people refer to, some say their work is worship and devote themselves. There are various means to attain what one has to. That is what could have been the destiny. For people who don’t believe in destiny, it could be the their deeds/karma.

It has been Long time since our ancestors have experienced, seen, learnt, explored and over ages have recorded a lot of these in scriptures, epics, granthas, vedas, and others. Some believe and some don’t;  its a choice one makes.

But Our ancestors have recorded with lot of experiences and knowledge and proved living by living the life they have preached. There have been records of people living in eastern parts of the world for millions of years, they seem to exist even now. They tend to have some capabilities which we think are miracles because humans have not seen such things happen for long time since.

Diagnosing diseases without having to cut open a person’s body, healing ones emotional imbalances, knowing and balancing energies in an environment, knowing and recording astrological and astronomical details to precision without any advanced tools, advancement in psychic powers, physical powers and so on with the best part being environmental friendly are some of the highlighted points of proven lifestyle of such great people who are referred in India as Siddhars (one who has Siddhis/mastered skills  of various aspects of life)

Our modernized life has left us with a more polluted environment which is increasing day by day because of our industrilization, cutting sown of trees, creating imbalance in nature without understanding the consequences, all these are just to make life more comfortable for few people in the world where it turns to be miserable for all. Our modern medicine methods can diagnoze diseases only through machines, try treatment by trials of medicines, there are some operations done just to eliminate the possibility of existance of a disease. Our doctors who learn the modernized way seen not to have either folowing it, or in spite fo following it are unable to cope up wht the tranforming environment.  What we see these days is only attempts to record few studies and preaches but almost none could live as a proof for those.

Humans were the primary area of study where a holistic way of invoking and improving our hidden and unknown capabilities has always remained a mystery leading to lot of discoveries. Our self healing capacities needs improvement, and leave rest to our body, which always works towards healing itself in most cases unless we have worn it out without maintenance 🙂

Healing has been there for ages since the universe was born. There are a lot of healing techniques that have been mentioned, some in scriptures and some transferred orally. Basic teaching were analyzed an taught from Indian subcontinent which is now a days known as the Traditional Siddha Science.

Lot of cultures evolved parallel and knowledge spread across decently. One of the simple methods of general well-being and healing is Reiki. Reiki means Universal Energy Healing. This was preached by Mikao Usui. Know more on Reiki.

Various teachers are available around the world to teach you Reiki. In Singapore, I practice Reiki as a healer and teacher. Refer to to have more information.

Further beyond Reiki itself, there will be a spiritual guidance that will take us further to know more. I will discuss on this in my next blog.


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