Universal Energy is the only Heal to All

Any matter, be it a dust or mountains or oceans, all are made up of atoms. Having a closer Look at the atoms through telescope, we see protons, neutrons and electrons and may be many things are yet to be discovered by human beings. Very simple question of why the electron revolves around the nucleus? This would lead us to quantum Mechanics, matter and energy study and so on. Well, I am not an expert in the intense science of these, but as a common man, I would raise a question whatever be the reasoning behind the force and speed and magnet and so on, why these do exists and combine to form different kind of matter on earth. Where does this energy emerge from? It is well accepted that as a balance, there is always zero energy to have the balance of positive and negative. This applies to all matter and situations as well.

So, this fully fledged energy that we find around is only transformation from one form to another. When we say our health is not good, the basic issues are with the kind of energy this part is associated with is not right. Either it could have been less, imbalanced or excess. All these can cause the body to respond differently. Treating with medicines be it modern or traditional are in my opinion looking through the telescope to find reason, so that we get medicines to get the particular hormones, enzymes, some chemical working in that area and cure the disease. While some systems like Siddha systems and traditional Chinese medicine tend to diagnose the entire body as one unit before treating, based on the overall health, modern medicines and systems depending on scan and reports which are seeing and believing is only restricted to cure the particular symptoms and not the entire body to recover from after effects.

Whatever is the means, if an external medicine generated from another chemical combination can help you cure the disease, what if we had developed the capabilities to work at our energy levels and heal our ailments and diseases then and there? We would in fact develop sensitivity to understand or listen to our body much earlier than to realize when it is broken. Continuous healing will lead to a body that is almost perfect and accommodate and adapt to any situation and habitat. Some minor changes in body do happen during adjustment, but those are the process of adjustment and things go on quite fine after that.

Such capabilities are not difficult to attain if we take a little consistent effort to reach the goal. Various ways are through Pranayama, Meditation, Reiki, Pranic healing, yoga, mantras, yantras and so on.

Why these are important, is because, certain emotional imbalances are not visible to scans. They only appear after such imbalanced energies have affected the physical part in that region. Which is kind of little late to cure the source, as its only the impression. However, if energy healing is done, it starts its work from the source, helping to resolve the situation around the problem.

For example, if a person is working very hard to earn for their family and has been taking up pressure at work, initially, there wouldn’t be any problem. Later, slowly, this person starts showing anger, frustrations, and push out all kind of negative energies to people around them. This is because, what one has is what one could possibly give. This good person with good intention to save his family, is in trouble by absorbing the negative impulses of pressure at work place, which gets spread out to the family while he is back home. People at home take up this negativity and retaliate the same impulses after sometime of patience. This could cause fatigue and tiredness and lead to many physical problems like headache, body pain, memory loss, high blood pressure, thyroid issues and so on. First symptom would be falling sick quite often. When you go to the doctor, you get treated for fever, and probably if the doctor is smart, will advise you not to take much stress.

However, while you work at energy level, you become more capable of handling the pressure, responsible not to spread out negative energies, and heal the negativity while it is within you, so that the family happiness is not lost. Since it works on the cause, people have felt that their situation at work place have changed with lesser pressure at work place itself. I have experienced my environment change for me while I worked on energy level self healing. It just works with the grace of the supreme energy that is guiding every matter in this universe. It’s the frequency that needs to be generated from one’s mind and body through every cell, to get anything working. To say on the extreme ends, one can achieve Siddhis which are like becoming light weight to walking on water, fly in the air, become too strong, become invisible, sensing happenings even before something happens, guide people needing help and many more. Such people are generally referred to as MahaRishis, Siddhars in India, and Saints in other regions.

One doesn’t have to lead an ascetic life and become a saint. Know the energies around, later the energies will direct you what is best for you.


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