Reiki and Irregular Periods

Irregular periods are very common these days with many women. Some have this issue starting from the date of puberty and some develop after few years, some after they start having intercourse, while few others after delivery. These range from Missing periods for long time ranging from 1 month to 1 year or probably if unattended, could be longer.

Many times while in teens, many women could have overlooked at this issue assuming this is not a priority at this point. Some would have taken medication and ended up even worse instead of getting better. Major attention is given to address irregularity after one is sexually active and is planning to have babies or when one almost reaches menopause.

For incidents of issues during early teens, parents are worried about the worse effects medication could have due to consumption of extra hormones. Early treatment is always better for any disease for that matter. Some end up having PCOS while some hormonal imbalances.

Why medication doesn’t work for all, though the diagnosis identified same issues. Why should one have these problems in the first place though one could have been on proper food and nutrients? While there are others who are mal nutritional, but have proper cycle of menses going on with no PCOS or imbalances? There are reasons for these irregularities, whether one accepts or not. These have been in universe since its existence.

Every human being is born with certain karmic debts, which I would call as our deeds we had been doing ever since one existedJ. Well, here One means the self. Over the years, there had been certain imbalances due to our activities. Due to which, we fail to cope up with change, whether it was physical, mental or habitual. Now, these things affect ones energy levels, they Psychosis even if we didn’t want it to. The physical body reacts to this by responding to the change at the energy level. The level of imbalance reflects its impact in the form of severity of the issue.

So, even if one takes medication, it might work temporarily, but not cure the cause, which is the inner energy level. Reiki is expected to work internally at the energy levels and give a boosting effect in the curing process.

There are many alternative medicines available closer to nature, like Siddha medicines work both at medical and energy levels of body and soul.

Other natural healing methods like Reiki generally works around the root cause of the issues. Certain ailments and health issues are due to our Activities (Karmas). This can’t be cured till one has gone through the pain one is supposed to. In such cases, the medical investments will take long time to heal. Through Reiki, since it works at the energy level, the karmic balances, and reasons around that are addressed. Hence, a direct effect on physical ailment is not what one can see immediately. The immediate feel of energy channeling is through warmth and laid back relaxed and sleepy.

Depending upon the intensity of damage or imbalance at the energy level, number of sessions need to be increased, to pass on the Reiki energy. Even in that case, you can see many things happening around will slowly be different, or the way you start handling will be different. This ultimately helps you to overcome the symptom, which is the ailment or disease or condition. Medication from doctors during this time is must, and as said before, Reiki will help your body to be more receptive to medicine

Generally, Reiki needs at least 3-4 sessions for one to feel the change. It’s like giving a curing time for Reiki to work and go back again to work on the residues. This continues. But what can one expect is a healing without an external medication or operation in many cases. The more one believes and frees the mind to accept the changes that Reiki would bring; the change will be smoother and faster.

In my next blog I would explain on how energy is really affecting us and why energy is the only cure.


2 thoughts on “Reiki and Irregular Periods

  1. Hi Carlotta,
    I agree that hormonal imbalances are the cause of irregular periods. But, why is there a hormonal imbalance? what is the basic cause for abnormalities in the body? Most doctors do fall back to stress if there are no major reasons to be identified with the body. If there are only physical imbalances, the body will try to fight to some extent. The actual effect of stress on body is on the chakras, due to which the basic functioning changes slowly over time, and shows up as hormonal imbalances. That in turn causes any type of endocrine glad related issues (which apparently is the major cause to any major ailments). Of course our normal medicines can help, however, Reiki or any energy practice for that matter tries to correct the functioning of chakras, thus making our body more receptive and more easy to heal during the medicinal course. Longer term energy healing are also good enough to correct chakra imbalances and to let the body heal itself.

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