Great Life with Less Money Part

It is always an interesting aspect of life when we turn to think of the impact of finance on us. How definitely can we say that money is all that rolls our life? Is there anything else that could be more relevant than money at all?

Well, you or I are not the first persons to question on this topic. Yet, another way to put it would be is would you prefer money over your personal life or Personal life over money?

Apparently, there has been an evident movement where many consider personal life to be the priority to the monetary achievement. If I were self content financially, that I can support myself automatically every day as per my needs for the next 5 years, may be I will stop thinking of running behind money and stay back to use my time to invest develop a healthy relationship with family and friends.

When many are seen in this movement, there are many others who feel that they have money only for the next 5 years and what next? I don’t want to blame people to be proactive and preparing for the future. Just that we forget to live the moment and miss out so much which become irreversible.

Now what about people who have not enough money to survive? Does it mean they have no peace and no life at all?

In fact there have been local surveys where the only issue with people with no or very little money seem to be more peaceful and defined in their life. That exactly because they have only 1 thing to think about and that is how to have food and shelter maintained.  They are very brave people who have nothing to loose and plunge into any act which a person with enough to hold on to might hesitate in the fear to loose. People with more money on the other hand seem too lost in the world of accumulating more than needed and end up stressed out and meaningless kind of a life from within.

As a matter of fact, people who do social service and public charities seem more self content than those who don’t.

So, the topic boils down to “will someone be happy with just enough or excess money doing charity?”

Let’s Discuss…


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