Wall Mount Iron Boards Vs Traditional Methods

Recently, when I was searching for iron boards, I came across wall mount iron boards.

These are not very cheap. However,  if we consider the cost we have to spend on space in metros, this could be a very good investment.

A simple comparison:

A decent full size Iron boards with stable legs will start from $100 to $180. This is foldaway and has to be kept on leaning to the wall. But, it has certain risk of slipping off at times.

Welcome to the technology of wall mount ironing solutions. I am sharing a link where you can compare the costs:


Now, these iron boards are smarter, but not cheap 😦

Well, I decided to do something else comparing all these…

I fall back to the traditional way of using a multi purpose table, which costs me about $195 for dining table with 4 chairs, that I can use for 4 person dining, study, ironing and other stuff.

For reference: http://www.ikea.com/sg/en/catalog/products/20211105/

So, I would have a bigger size of table to iron, and moreover, anyone who uses the table is 

compelled to clean it after use so that it is ready for the other purposes 🙂 Lesser cleaning activity as well.

Sometimes, falling back to traditional ways is much cost effective and serves the purpose well.

However, if you still want something that is wall mount, you may buy a wall mount leaf drop type of table mount on wall that could be used for the purpose and sometimes for something else as well 🙂

Good Luck!


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