Shri Vaibhava Lakshmi Pooja – Process

I read a few websites and tried to follow in my first pooja. During the course of the pooja, I learnt certain things from my father in law who does quite lot of poojas at home and for others, and I corrected in my process.

We can do the pooja in highly elaborate process or a simple way. All that needs is Shradhaa (Concentration and dedication from heart) in whatever we do.

This Pooja is generally done on Fridays, and preferably finish it before 6:00 pm for a period of 11, 21. But for me, since I work, I can start at the earliest by only 6:00 pm. So, it also depends on the time available.

Here are the steps I follow:

  1. Vrath on the day
  2. Preparation of Pooja area
  3. Preparation of Kalasam
  4. Prayers followed by Naivediyam
  5. After the pooja


Once upon a time, there lived a Brahmin family (husband and wife) in a village….. 🙂

Please check this link for the story behind this Vaibhava Lakshmi Vrath.

Vrath on the day

Generally, I take head shower in the morning, and don’t eat NV that day. It is good to be in Satvik Food if you are planning to go for a pooja. Buy some flowers, prior to the pooja is good.

Preparation of Pooja area

Clean the Pooja room or area by wiping clean, clean the photos, lamp etc, put some chandan and kumkum on lamp and photos if possible.

Preparation of Kalasam

Prepare a vessel (Kumba) of water, put some turmeric powder, rose water (Panneer), some coins, tulasi and kumkum. Don’t worry if you don’t get something beside your locality.

On a wider plate put some rice, and little turmeric on it. Keep the kalasam on top of the rice.

Close the top of the kumba (pot like small vessel) with a cover. This can be a coconut, or a plate on top. I have used a small plate to close the top in most of the occasion since I don’t get one closer to my place.

Put some coins on top of the plate, and cover with a new cloth (you can use a washed cloth as well). But make sure you have not been using it. It should be a dedicated cloth for the kalasam/pooja. In that case, you can wash and use it over and over again.

Decorate with some flowers on top of the cloth.

Payers followed by Naivediyam:

For every pooja, please do archana to th kalasam

Ganapathy pooja (Any one is fine):

  1. Om Gam Ganapathaye Namah
  2. Gajananam Chandra samana Varnam ,Swadandha Pashangusha laddu kaani

Hastai Dadhanaam kamalasanasthaam, Vigneshwaram Noymi sadhaa pasannam

Guru Pooja:

  1. Guru Bhramha Guru Vishnu guru devo maheshwaraha,

guru sakshaat para brahma, tasmay shri gurarvey Namaha

  1. Aim Kaara Hrim Kaara Rahasya Yukta, Shim kaara ghuudartha maha vibhutya

Om kaara Marma Prathi bhaati  Neebhyam, namo namaha Shri Guru Padukabhyam

Pray your Kula Devatha and Ishta Devatha to help you during the prayers. Make your Sankalpa (your intention for Pooja)

Narayana Pooja:

Om Namo Narayanaya à(5-7) times putting flower on Kalasam.

Vaibhava Lakshmi Pooja:

Shi Mahalakshmi Ashtothram (download pdf)



Once these 2 pooja are done,

Give the Naivediyam to God. You can prepare any nice sweet like payasam (Kheer), sweet pongal, gulab jamun or anything you wish. I keep rock sugar, if I can’t prepare naivediyam that day,

Then pray god to forgive if any mistakes knowingly or unknowingly we would have done during the pooja.

Take Mangalam Aarathi:

Take Aarathi while chanting:

Sarva Mangala Mangalye Shive Sarvartha sadhake.

Saranya triambike Devi, Narayani namostute.

Then I generally read out the last stanza from Soundarya Lahari at last. It’s a choice.

Pradhipa-jvalabhir dhivasa-kara-neerajana-vidhih

Sudha-suthes chandropala-jala-lavair arghya-rachana;

Svakiyair ambhobhih salila-nidhi-sauhitya karanam

Tvadiyabhir vagbhis thava janani vacham stutir iyam.

After the Pooja:

Slightly move the kalasam forward from its original location. Make sure you take the naivedyam. This is very important.

Next day after the pooja, take the rice and put that to feed the birds. Take the kalasam water and sprinkle inside the house and pour the rest to any plants.

On your final week of the Pooja:

Do the pooja similar to the other weeks, but this week is special. Call some married ladies, girls to your house and let them participate in the function. Share the historical story and your success story with them. Distribute some turmeric, kumkum, cloths(if possible), yellow thread, coconut, and Vaibhava Lakshmi process book that you followed. This is an indication that you are wishing good for your friends and family.

May God be there with all of us. I wish all who try this pooja get very good results as I did.


46 thoughts on “Shri Vaibhava Lakshmi Pooja – Process

  1. Hi i would like to do this pooja but u said to invite some women to home. I and my husband staying alone. We cant invite anyone. What should i do ? Thank u .

  2. Hi Suganya, The invitation is only on your last week of pooja. Its a wishing well for others and sharing your success to motivate them as well. If you are living in a place where it is not possible to invite, assume you have 7 women and serve 7 units of items to each of them. Make 7 packages of these and you may either give it away in some temple near by, or give to your family / friends when you meet them later. Just keep these aside from you usual usable things as you would be assuming goddesses to have accepted these. This is just my suggestion.

  3. Hi
    I want to do this Pooja but I heard about keeping Lakshmi photo instead of kalasam because in our house we don’t have habit of keeping kalasam

  4. Hi Nandu,
    Thank you for your comments.

    Keeping photo is also ok. People can keep Shri Yantra or Meru to do the pooja as well. Its your involvement and commitment that matters. When you prepare a kalasam, there are some natural energy field when you start to pray, once the pooja is finished we make sure we clear the kalam next day so that we don’t make it Ashudh. Using yantras and meru will need some other approaches which is not too simple.

  5. Hi today is my 4 th friday. . During friday im not eating any nonveg but other days i eat and after pooja some guest are inviting for party can we eat outside our food?

  6. Hi there! This post couldn’t be written much better!
    Looking through this post reminds me of my previous roommate!
    He constantly kept talking about this. I most certainly will forward this post to him.

    Pretty sure he’s going to have a good read. I appreciate you for sharing!

  7. Hi, I ‘m from Mauritius … I just want to know that if I can eat NV other day and the lamp should lit everyday or only on Friday …please help me to know the procedure well. Thank you.

  8. Hi, If I have my periods on one of the fridays, can I skip it and not count that friday in my 11 fridays?

    1. Dear Ramya,
      You may skip on that friday and continue the next friday. Usually for ladies this is not considered as a break. However, if for other reasons you couldn’t do, then the count starts from 1.

  9. Can I do puja around 7-8pm.. as m working women. So after coming back home can I do puja.. pls suggest

    1. Namaskaram Mitu,
      Usually the Sandhya Time is very conducive and supports universal consciousness to work positively as the cosmic rays are quite high. If we are on Bhakthi marga, any time is ok. But pooja is usually a tool to connect so, the time is supportive that way.

  10. Hi ,
    Im from Mauritius ,

    Ive completed the vrat of 21 weeks .

    Now i dont know how to perform the puja can you please explain me in details from to proceed.

    Thanking you in advance

    1. Namaskaram Taruna, do the same Pooja as you did every week, this time invite people home and if you can find few ladies and girls it should be fruitful for those who participate also. Distribute the process of Pooja in print to everyone and share your success story as well. You can share the origin of this Pooja also. Distribute coconut, beetle leaves and nuts, turmeric,and kumkum with the printed process before they leave. You may add other items like cloth , bangles and so on or reduce as per your comfort zone.
      May Devi’s blessing fill your home.

  11. Hi i live in uae and we are new here so don knw many ppl .. I want to keep the fast but i m worrying how will i invite ladies here as i dn knw anyone here. Is there any way to do last day pooja without ladies.

    1. Do the best you can with full involvement and commitment everything else will automatically fall in place. Leave the what will happen to Devi just give your best at the available situation. All the best.

  12. Hi
    I had done vaibhava lakshmi pooja for two Friday but on third Friday I got periods soo next Friday I can continue

  13. Hi
    Every woman can do varamahalakshmi pooja and vrat are they is any process please reply me

  14. Hi on the day I have started pooja using kalasham I heard a condolence news while m doing pooja ,should I stop doing pooja using Kalasham plz advise

  15. Hello Shobi,
    It depends on the way one perceives the situation. If you are emotionally moved by the situation, then please take your time and restart the process when you are ready. The condolence itself is never a hindrance to pooja. In fact Death is compassion. Its our attachment with the person, that causes the binding as an hindrance. If you can perceive the situation in such a matured sense, then nothing stands between you and the divine.

  16. It’s not possible for me to do vrat and uruapan can I just do puja on every Friday

  17. Hi amma , kalasam kadapatam marichipoya, what to do next. Please tell me the solution

  18. Hi while doing these can i takeNV on other days. On the day of puja if I get periods can I do the puja or the there will b continuity from the next friday

  19. Hi, I followed your pooja process and this is my third week. I have a doubt that every week we have to read the story of Sheela or only the final week. Other than the story I read everything you mentioned. Please guide me regarding this. Many thanks. Jayanthi

  20. thank you for your information. I had already taken 11th friday fasting of vaibhab laxshmi. Now again i want to do this fasting can i do this fasting for only 5 friday?

  21. Actually I m doing pooja in my inlaws home .dis z 2nd week.but I ‘ve doubt .can I do pooja at other place which I ‘ve to go….that z also my own house.or v have to do same place all d weeks….Plz clear


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    I cam across this book to read Akashic records. This is written by someone who is realized the potent of life.
    The moment I held this book, I felt a different energy. I mean the physical touch itself. Maybe I was sensitive. However, when I read through, I also felt the same feel.
    I recommend this book for someone who wants to know things on their own.

  23. I have collected the flowers from the pooja and dried them. I am thinking of putting them in running water. Do you think I should do it after the last week of pooja or after my prayers are answered.

  24. hi, i’ve been invited at vaibhalaxmi puja, should i take sweets or gifts at puja. what’s the tradition.plz let me know

  25. Namaste Amma, Am a married lady. I want to start vaibhava lakshmi pooja from coming friday i.e 10/11/2017. The sunday followed by i.e 12/11/2017, i should attend a death ceremony(11th day after death) in my father’s cousin family. Can i start this pooja this week or suggested to start from next week. Please advice.

  26. Hi yesterday i do my 2nd vaibhava lakshmi pooja and i get 2 times angry with my son.panchmug dia’s wicks charred without oil while i chanting mantra is this a bad omen i got disappointed by this did lakshmi devi not satisfied with my pooja plz help me

  27. Can I have water and tea before pooja or it shud be complete fast from water also till pooja?

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