Nothing New! What’s New?

My friends and I were in a small get together. And as usual, each one interested in their own areas of interest brought out some information what they had heard or known. Generally, I enjoy talking moreJ, just as every girl does. But when it comes to topics, I have no idea; I better shut up and listen to the others views. Such was a topic that came up on economics. Though I have little idea on the whereabouts of the current global situation on economy, most aspects are still a mystery. So, I preferred to listen this time. One of my other friends jumped and said, “Oh, that’s nothing new! We all have been through the downturns few years ago on a similar case.” The conversation was abruptly cut off there, and the next topics started flowing. Well, I was a bit disappointed because I didn’t get to know something I could have, had I listened to his views. Nevertheless, we had a good evening and departed to our houses.

The phrase, “nothing new!”, is a common comment around us many times. When we think about it, it is true, nothing is really new, its always the history that repeats, though we are different people at different times. This is may be because our short span to analyze things. Had we been blessed with longer life, we would probably witness more happenings

But looking at it at a higher level, looks like everything was still as it was, nothing much changed. We are like ants view, and an eagle’s view will only show a few colorful firework and music of emotions around people. The more we start looking into these views, our perception on sorrows, happiness, and expectations will change for sure.


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